Analysis Of The Movie ' White Privilege II ' By Michael Kimmel

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Clarence Smith
Analysis Response Essay
Composition II
13 September 2016
I Have an Advantage; Why?
In today 's world, perhaps one of the largest debates among human beings is privilege and gender equality. In both Macklemore’s “White privilege II”, and Michael Kimmel’s “Why Gender Equality is Good for Everyone, Men Included”, the authors evidently explained what white privileges are, how white privilege effects individuals of different race, and how gender equality can benefit men and women in their household and in the workplace. In Macklemore’s song he attempted to understand his place in black culture, specifically related to hip-hop music and Black Lives Matter protests. While in Michael Kimmel’s speech he attempted to explain white privilege and the benefits of gender equality for women as well as men by using stories of past experiences. When critically analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both author’s tones, evidence, and overall strength of the body of work, I am boldly convinced that Michael Kimmel’s speech is essentially the superior of the two authors. Though Macklemore’s song was relevant and had great connections to our everyday life, the author was very aggressive and lacked any source of credible evidence to his observations. Michael Kimmel’s speech did exhibit evidence, but it was often questionable. However, he does displayed great tone by appealing to humor, was very entertaining by keeping his audience eagerly intact, and communicated relevant stories…
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