Author Analysis of Judith Ortiz Cofer

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Judith Ortiz Cofer a Latin American author of short stories, poetry, autobiography, young adult fiction, and essays, as a young child migrated to Mainland America from Puerto Rico with her family, moving into an apartment complex with other people of Latin descent. Although, she spent most of her years in the Continental U.S. her writings are reflective of the strong latin heritage that her mother undoubtedly instilled in her from a young age. This is clear in her short story “Nada” where the narrator makes references to the hispanic community that live at an apartment complex in New Jersey. Cofer’s style of writing and experiences in her life are brought out in this story as well as many more of her writings. She includes some Spanish words throughout the story and ideals of the hispanic culture.
The story “Nada” written by Cofer narrates to the reader, that a hispanic mother, Dona Ernestina lost her son to the Vietnam War shortly after the death of her husband. When an officer from the military contacted Ernestina to let her know her son would be buried with full military honors, she expressed her discontent for the funeral. After that visit she received a flag and medal which she returned to the government marked, “[y]a no vive aqui” (Cofer 396) meaning does not live here in Spanish and with a note that said, “[t]ell the president of the United States what I say: No gracias” (Cofer 396). The story ends with the mother giving all her worldly possessions away and later

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