Analysis Of The Novel ' Dracula '

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(The author and his/her times) Abraham Stoker was born in Clontarf, Dublin, Republic of Ireland on November 8, 1847. He was one of seven children and very sickly. At the age of 65, Stoker died on April 20, 1912, in London, England for reasons that are still unclear. One theory is that he died of syphilis; another suggests that he, most likely, died of a stroke. As a child Stoker was confined to his bed due to sickness, as a way to console him, his mother would tell him Irish folklore. Many of these stories consisted of supernatural characters, such as vampires. From these stories it is said that Stoker added more upon the vampires in the stories he was told and used them as inspiration for his novel Dracula. There are several theories behind what really influenced Stoker, a common one is that his influence derived from Prince of Wallachia, Vlad III or better known as Vlad the Impaler. However, his nephew, Irving Stoker, claims that his uncle was inspired after he seen Count Dracula in a nightmare after eating too much dressed crab. Stoker is said to have added more upon the vampire characters that already existed during his time.
(Form, structure, and plot) Abraham Stoker organizes his book in episodic form; it is composed of diary pages, newspaper clippings, journal entries and letters. This provides various perspectives because he includes many narrators. To develop suspense and contribute to the mood of the novel the author foreshadows important information, such as the

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