Analysis Of The Novel 'The Stranger'

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Human is not the lord of the being, but the sheep of the Being. This is one way to describe Heidegger’s philosophy of ‘thrownness’. When people are “thrown” into situations, they feel that it does not have a pattern. Life is a perfect example of this philosophy. In the novel, ‘The Stranger’, by Albert Camus, the author creates an absurd anti-hero in Meursault to demonstrate that, because life is random and inexplicable one has to acknowledge that they don’t have control over events that transpire and that only with hope can one can contribute meaning to a meaningless existence. The randomness of life is demonstrated through the events in Meursault’s life. Meursault is thrown into the situation where he is given a promotion by his boss. …show more content…

All the preceding events eventually led to Meursault murdering the Arab. Since Meursault had helped Raymond deal with his girlfriend and sort out the situation, Raymond decided to call Meursault over to hang out at a friend’s beach house(40). Meursault accepted the offer, in turn, meaning he was thrust into the situation where they had to deal with the Arabs that had been following Raymond and him. These events eventually led to Meursault shooting one of the Arabs. If Meursault had not gone to dinner with Raymond, none of this would have happened. Thus, this shows how random life is. Even if Meursault wanted to control the events that were happening, he would not have been able to due to the randomness of the events. The events that transpired just before Meursault killed the Arab also show the haphazardness of the situation. Just when Meursault was about to reach the house he starts thinking how “to stay or to go, it amounted to the same thing.”, after which he starts walking toward the beach again (57). Meursault believes that his actions don’t affect the result, thus he does not think twice before he chooses to walk toward the beach again. It is the randomness that, in the end, causes him killing the Arab. Only if he had hope that walking to the house would have fewer repercussions, he would not have committed the homicide. The fickleness of life is what caused the events in Meursault’s life to occur as they did. However, hope is what can help create

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