Analysis Of The Opening And Operations Of The New Library

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On the other hand, student, Brad Kramer wrote that he was “utterly overjoyed” at the opening and operations of the new library (Fetter, 1984, 8). Randy Fussell Everett, responded to comments like this in order for undergraduate students to receive fair treatment and for the Davis Library to continue as a resource available to all students (Everett, 1984, 8). Everett argued on behalf of UNC’s undergraduate population by pointing out that Richards was once an undergraduate herself, as well as the fact that all students on campus have research that needed to be done. Everett was not the only student upset by Richard’s article, a group of students also wrote an article stating, “Dear Mary Margaret, Who the hell made you God?” and pointed out that blaming undergraduates for all of the library’s problems was ridiculous (Prince, Keith, Turner, McCracken, & Dorm, 1984, 8). Concerns pertaining to the Davis library were not without reason (Trotter, 1984, 1). The number of people using the library was counted for in the Wilson Library during its last week of operation, totaling 20,681 students, tallied as the number of students that left the library. In Davis Library’s first week, a 41,966 students were counted leaving the library, more than doubling the number of students. This problem was further pressed in the weeks approaching exams. University Librarian, James F. Govan, said that the staff had received a drastic increase in the number of noise complaints given to them since the
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