Analysis Of The P. A. T. H. To The Million Man March

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The P.A.T.H. to the Million Man March The Million Man March (MMM) has its uniqueness which can be captured in one word P.A.T.H. Each letter within P.A.T.H. is explained which, in their entirety, capture the essence of the MMM:

Plan (P) If the Million Man March was about establishing a plan to move forward, then, we found it. I refer to this as “Finding First Gear”. The event was a deliberate effort to move forward. However, it appears to many that there was no “master plan.” Although a very relevant and significant event, many were confused. What would we return home and say or do? Did the money follow us back to our communities? What was our next series of action steps? What one or two things that we could take back with us from …show more content…

We found ourselves in an “ocean of humanity.” When one would look at the many men, an ocean of humanity. Hope was readily apparent in the faces, the hearts and the minds of all those in attendance. My mom has always told me to “Don’t lose your reason in your season; take action in the moment, even when the road is not clear or the sky is still dark, make use of your moments. In other word, move ahead on hope when an opportunity presents itself. Don’t wait on the bus of life to come along your road again, as it may only run once in a life time. Reach out when the opportunity is within reach. As we have learned from our history as Black Americans, it is the “fear” that fades our power; whether real power or the perception of power. However, in the moment, those of us in attendance, it was the spirit of the moment that carried us. We could hear hundreds of thousands Black men chanting, “Long live the spirit of the Million Man March.” And, of course, it was hope that fueled the spirit. It was also “hope” that guided our camaraderie on the road during our travel to Washington, D.C. It was hope that keep the peace along the journey as hundreds of Black men met along the way in McDonalds and other fast foods restaurants along the way to Washington, D.C. In other words, it was the spirit of brotherhood that made people socialize and extend a helping hand along the

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