Analysis Of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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Do you know what it's like to be a bystander, not knowing what to do and everything just moves so fast, that you feel as though you're helpless, to be transfixed while witnessing such horrendous crimes? In this book, “The Perks of being a Wallflower,” a stirring churning blend of Coming of Age Fiction, creatively penned as a chronicle to the reader. Author Stephen Chbosky, is an American novelist whose book was selected in the New York Times bestseller. Although when choosing my summer reading book, I admit my close friend, if truth be told she highly recommended this book, she was so adamant that she even sent me the link from iBooks. In her words she described it as, “a must read, emotional roller coaster.” She even scolded me saying, “Aysia, please do this for your education!!” Therefore, unwillingly I opened the book and was instantly transported into its vortex of fiction. This extraordinary book features a trio of teenagers. For instance: socially awkward Charlie, sensitive submissive Patrick, and lastly thoughtful, free spirited Sam. Firstly, there is Charlie, an anxious introverted freshman, who is plagued with social anxiety. An example of this would be when Charlie witnessed a rape of a girl and was unsure of what to do. Charlie's sister, then came in and said, “Did they know you were in here?” and Charlie said, “Yes. They asked if they could have the room.” She then said, “Why didn't you stop them?” and Charlie replies, “I didn't know what they

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