Analysis Of The Poem ' Kohana Starts '

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Kohana starts by giving me a short summary of her life before she became a mother. She attended a two year woman’s college right after graduating from high school. Shortly after graduating she became engaged to Mr. Hoshino. Sheepishly, she confesses that she was not as focused on her studies as her children are. When she sees her two children coming back from school she feels envious. They have accomplished more than she did at their age. Like any mother she wants her children to have the best. She was ecstatic when Yuriko made into such a selective junior high. Her heart leapt for joy when she say her daughter was at the top of her class. Things came crashing down when Yuriko told her parents she was not going to major in business. She did not understand why her daughter would not want to go into that field. Getting a job would be easy for someone with her. Kohana, Yuriko and her father had fought over the issue several times and the argument always ended the same. Their daughter was determined to do what she wanted regardless of what they said. Things became worse when she announced that she was working at a maid café. Kohana could still remember how her husband had cringed when she told them. Places like that were filled with otaku and creepy old men. It was not the type of place for a young woman to work at. There were plenty of restaurants that their daughter could have worked at. The café was one thing that she could not tolerate. Her daughter was at the top of her
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