Analysis Of The Poem ' Portrait Of May Sartoris '

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Justin Pearcy/Student ID: 1000988509
Professor Kathleen Janvier
ART 1301-002
19 April 2016
The Face of May Sartoris Currently on display at the Kimbell Art Museum there resides a painting by the title, Portrait of May Sartoris that was painted by artist Frederic Leighton. Leighton created the artwork by using oil on canvas and did so on a canvas that would mimic her in true to life size. By doing this he made a clear and present focal point in the painting that can clearly and quickly be distinguished upon arriving at the painting. With the brightest color in the painting being her face and the darkest tones being among her clothing one can’t help but having their eyes drawn to her. By utilizing numerous elements Leighton created a painting in which the main emphasis was placed upon the subject May Sartoris, which predominantly makes up the majority of the painting. Upon viewing the painting the viewer will first notice may Sartoris in true to life size standing in the foreground in her elegant attire. Her attire is predominantly black and a very dark blue, while the only strikingly colorful item in the painting is her red sash. Her clothing is given an implied texture of softness, which is alluded to by the rolling nature of her dress and the feather dawned atop her hat. Staying in tune with the softness of the painting, Leighton utilized only organic shapes to further accentuate the soft nature of the figure. If he had used geometric shapes, the painting would contain…
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