Analysis Of The Poem ' The Fountain '

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Tommy in the Fountain is a character faced with the dilemma of mortality in the physical realm and can not accept the grim, inevitable death that faces all of humankind. In the world of The fountain, there are three planes of existence which correlate to the past, present, and future/consciousness. Darren Aronofsky intertwines these three times periods creating a nonlinear perspective of time, but it is in line with the general plot of the movie. Aronofsky wants the viewer to link the time periods together where the past is the story depicted in the book, and the future can be seen as his consciousness. A character that stays apparent in these settings is Izzi. Izzi guides the main character to accept the grim fate of death and to reach a state of knowledge which will potentially enlighten him. She helps Tommy understand the meaning of death by bringing the immediacy and expectancy, and forcing Tommy to finish it, referring to the book and his understanding of death. Completing the book results in the journey that Tommy takes to enlightenment, the acceptance.

The relationship between these characters really create the whole importance of realizing death is ultimately an act of creation. Present day Tommy is faced with a cancer stricken Izzi where she is enlightened during her death and “immortalized”. Izzi is also depicted as the tree of life in Tommy’s consciousness and Queen Elizabeth of Spain. The Tree of Life is a symbol of immortality, with Izzi dying in the

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