Analysis Of The Poem ' The Storm On The Galilee '

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Rembrandt was able to showcase his christian faith and make a lasting impact on the art world through his oil paintings of biblical scenes from the Old Testament. Christ in the storm on the Galilee is an oil painting done by Rembrandt, which depicts one of the most important moments in the old testament. Not only is it mentioned before the crucifixion of Christ, but also after his resurrection. In order to understand how Christ was seen and the significant moments of the old testament, the Sea of Galilee needs to be investigated. In the Old Testament, it was called the Sea of Chinnereth that Jesus spent a significant amount of His ministry around. It was this sea that Jesus walked on (Matthew 14:22–33). After Jesus fed the five thousand,…show more content…
Which, in Christianity, Christ is the only one who can do the impossible, so it makes sense in the religion. In relation to Rembrandt, the oil painting represent an important time in the christian faith, as well as his interpretation of Jesus. His paintings make a lasting impact on his students, as well as future artists. Although the artwork depicts a powerful time in the Bible, many art critics believe that Rembrandt was crazy, and therefore painted crazy things. The critiques on his artwork could be seen as the representation of outsiders on the Christian faith. The Religious revolution taking part in this era had a major impact on the world, yet Amsterdam was a safe haven for those seeking religious freedom. By painting pictures from the bible, it was as if he was representing his opinion on the world issue.
Moses breaking tablets of the law, an oil painting by Rembrandt is depicting the scripture (Exodus 32:19-21), where Moses grew enraged at the sight of the Children of Israel worshipping a golden calf and smashed the tablets. Later, Jesus led him up the mountain and made him carve out two more so he could write the ten commandments back into the stone. The ten commandments were and mostly still are very popular in Christianity. They were used as “laws” to keep humans pure and under the word of God in the Old testament, but they have changed in the new testament. In the new testament, they are not mentioned as much and the last half

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