Analysis Of ' The Republic ' By Plato

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Hereafter, one finds themselves entering into the territory of the second metaphor enumerated by Plato in The Republic. The Image of the Line, once more is intended to give sustenance to the analyzation of goodness and is a direct relation to The Simile of the Sun. In this metaphor, Socrates describes a line which is to be unequally divided into four segments. The segments labeled A and B are to apportion for likenesses, or the visible realm. This, according to Plato, is a dangerous realm made for misconceptions and incompleteness. From this realm one can only witness the shadows and illusions of the material world which serve merely to conceive unreality. Here is where appearances reside and here is what our senses are able to perceive. …show more content…

It is known that goodness exists in segment D and that an understanding of goodness is required to transcend into truth, but Socrates does not describe the progressions involved.
In succession, arrives the subsequent and conclusive metaphor Plato generates as an armory for his discussion on goodness. This metaphor is referred to as The Allegory of the Cave and works to propagate a vivid vision of life according to the value of goodness, knowledge, and truth. Plato has one imagine an existence of limitation. Accordingly forcing one to view the methods of limitation prominent in their current circumstances and the influence of philosophy on the human condition as a whole. Socrates establishes this likeness through the statement, “They’re no different from us… do you think they’d see anything of themselves and one another except the shadows cast by the fire on to the cave wall directly opposite them?” With this rhetorical technique one must put their own status adjacent to one of a person who is bound in a cave of darkness and lead to believe this is the totality of life. Nevertheless, as the allegory unfolds, an individual is provided the opportunity to experience light and expand their horizons multifold. At first the individual cannot comprehend the expansion and explosion of light, but then as reality dawns a sense of confusion ensues for what to do next, how can one explain this to

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