Analysis Of The Rock By Peter Blume

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If you’re anything like me and you see this painting of “The Rock” by Peter Blume (1944), you may wonder what in the world is going on in the picture. At our first look, we see the obvious; the enormous rock Peter Blume placed right in the center. After looking at the scenery going on, I think that the placement and size of the rock is proportioned that way as a sign of it being significant. The way I see it, the monument plays an important role when it comes down to determining why there are so many things going on at once in the painting. With the comparison of the details of the hard working people to the broken rock, half built building, and the smoke, I will establish the reasons of why this picture shows both destruction and loyalty- and the ways destruction in this painting also results in uniting the people working.

The significance of the monumental rock placed right smack in the core of the painting, is the reason as to why the workers will be united by the desturction that occured to them.

Breaking it Down, Part 1:
The most coherent pieces of evidence that show the rock is represented as a monument and the workers are there because of it are the proportion and how everyone is working hard around it.
In terms of the placement, the rock was positioned to be right smack in the middle of this community-balanced on a couple of woods. It’s strange to see how it is placed because since it is balanced on unalligned chunks of wood, I

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