Analysis Of The Sarnia Financial Market Best Financial

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Critical Issues In order to (definition of success) Company X must address the following: In order to place Best Financial in a more favorable position in the Sarnia financial market Best Financial must address the following: • How to (Solve problem/take advantage of opportunity) so that (consequence) - How to maintain higher client retention in order to secure a more committed clientele that do not seek a competitor’s service in the future. - How to persuade potential client’s that Best Financial Services meets their needs or else there will likely not be many new clients. - How to gain sufficient customer base to generate desired sales growth. Analysis ● How did we get here? Why are things the way they are? Gerald Young, one of Best Financial Services’ top clients, switched his assets to Scotiabank for their potentially high returns and additional services. ● Provide conclusions of analysis with details in the exhibits (e.g SWOT, Porters, Segmentation, Financial analysis) Best Financial Services offers appropriate services to the Sarnia area. With the loss of a large client, there is space for staff to pick up additional clients. However, if Gerald Young represents any of the other clients, competitors like Scotiabank may appeal to them because of the additional services offered. Scotiabank also claims they can yield better returns. Exhibit 1: SWOT Analysis shows a SWOT analysis for Best Financial. ● Why are the issues critical? This highlights a deeper issue, the fact

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