Analysis Of The Second Coming By William Butler Keats

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The Apocalypse on earth has started and The Anti-Christ a beast of half-human, a half animal is rising, and the world is being pulled into the darkness of hell through the gyre. This is what the poem “The Second Coming” by William Butler Keats is about. Even though “The Second Coming” is about Revolutions, to the reader Keats is left looking at the events of the world around him and trying to take in all the violent acts of war and the devastation, that leaves him struggling to understand religion.
The Poem “The Second Coming” from William Butler Keats, is about Revolutions, (John 2.18). When Keats wrote “The Second Coming” the world was filled with violence and turmoil, WW1 had just ended, The Russian Revolutions had started, and the world was on the eve of The Angelo Irish War. Through this event, Keats looked around his world and was left trying to understand these events that left him struggling with religion. Keats felt the world was changing and because of these events the 20th Century was changing and that an end of an age was upon the world. Keats uses the narrator to tell the story of “The Second Coming” and uses the language of his poems of Irish traditions and the Gaelic language to bring back the old traditions of Irish culture through his poems. In “The Second Coming” Keats uses automatic writing, to write this poem, by doing so Keats could dictate spirits that would take over his writing and using elegant syntax and
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