Analysis Of ' The Semplica Girl Diaries ' By George Saunders

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POSTMODERNISM Set in a futuristic society, a central influence on ones status and wealth in “The Semplica-Girl Diaries” by George Saunders, comes from ownership of semplica-girls; women from poor countries who agree to become human ornaments, strung by a microline installed in their temple, in order to provide money for their families. Through characterizing Eva as sensitive, and abnormal, Saunders shows that the average person doesn 't see how owning semplica-girls is morally wrong. The majority of people who can afford SG’s have them; in Eastridge, a presumably rich neighborhood, approximately 39/50 had. This number shows the normalization of owning SG’s. Eva consistently expresses her dislike saying, “I don’t like it. It’s not nice. . .If we want to help them, why can’t we just give them the money?”. The rest of her family are fascinated by the semplica-girls, and aspire to have one of their own. However, Eva sees the cruelty in displaying humans as ornaments for their own benefits, because as she suggests, if they wanted to help them they would give them money. In an attempt to defend themselves, her parents justify owning semplica-girls because the women have seen worse, are “happier”, and able to send money to their families. The fact that Eva goes against society’s beliefs, shows that she sees through the distorted justification society proposes. Her father writes that Eva “has developed tendency to set herself apart from others” and sees her sensitivity as “an
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