Analysis Of The Speech ' Praise Of Eros On Plato ' Symposium

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Jose A. Nunez
Introduction to Philosophy 1113
Professor Dr. Sarah Woolvine
March 23rd, 2015.

Analysis of Speeches Given in Praise of Eros on Plato’ Symposium

Among the ancient Greek philosophers, Plato was one of the greatest. Known for his remarkable philosophical works, Plato was born into a very prominent Athenian family, and he was expected to have a proliferous political career, but the political scene at that time made Plato devote himself instead to his philosophical inquiry, and teaching others about it. His passion for knowledge was limitless. He founded the Academy around 385 B.C., a very important educational institution that has served as prototype of the Western University System until today.
Plato was one the Socrates’ greatest admirers. Socrates was a brilliant Greek philosopher at that time, whose philosophical works stand at the foundation of modern Western philosophy. Unfortunately, he never recorded his works. Nevertheless, most of our current knowledge about Socrates stems from Plato’s work. We find Plato’s thought mostly in the form of fictional dialogues, a very common literary style in ancient Greece. Most of these dialogues have Socrates as the protagonist, and primary interlocutor. Plato uses Socrates as a mouthpiece of his own views, and philosophical ideals.
Undoubtedly, one of the most known Plato’s dialogues was Symposium. The word symposium itself means “drinking together,” or in other words, a drinking party
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