Analysis Of The Story ' How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents '

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Yolanda’s Attempt to Return Home in How the García Girls Lost Their Accents The novel How the García Girls Lost Their Accents focuses on four sisters and their attempts to fit in after moving from the Dominican Republic to the United States. The third sister, Yolanda, returns to the Dominican Republic at the beginning of the story to visit family and finds that instead of fitting in as she always had, she instead felt like an outsider in the land that she loved so much. Throughout the story, Yolanda continually tries to do things the way she always had, even though she experiences pushback from people around her. Yolanda is used to life in America, which is significantly safer than life in the Dominican Republic at the time. Instead, she …show more content…

Her native tongue, which was once so easy for her to speak in, suddenly feels foreign and difficult to use. When one of her aunts says the word “antojo,” Yolanda is unsure what it means which leads her to believe that, “After so many years away, she is losing her Spanish” (Alvarez 656). This is another factor that leads to Yolanda feeling like an outsider in the place she once called home. The language no longer comes naturally to her, causing a moment of panic that if she returns to the United States she will have a hard time remembering words in English when talking to others. However, Yolanda is unsure that she will return to the United States, showing that she still isn’t sure where she belongs and is just waiting for a sign that she should be in one place or the other. Craving some guavas, Yolanda decides to go up north to pick some, despite the protests of her family. What Yolanda does not realize is that the island is no longer safe for women to travel alone. Her aunt says there had been some incidents and, “Almost to prove her point, a private guard, his weapons clicking, passes by on the side of the patio open to the back gardens” (Alvarez 657). Not only has Yolanda been away from the island for a long time, but she has also not been keeping up with the events that had been happening. She has no idea how much has changed in five years, instead

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