How Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent Essay

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New Country, New Me: Taking Back Control in How the García Girls Lost Their Accents
Moving to any new place is scary and life changing. Try moving to a new country. In the novel How the García Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia Alvarez, the Garcίa family does just that. The family of six make a huge transition by moving from the Dominican Republic to the United States of America. The four daughters feel left out of the decision to move. Of the four girls, Sofía García seems to be the most independent. Sofía takes control of her life and rebels against her parents by: flaunting her sexuality, doing drugs, and dropping out of college.
Sofía attempts to take hold of her life by being sexuality active. In How the García Girls Lost Their Accents, Sofía is said to be the one who has “non-stop boyfriends”, and is always the one that the others go to for advice on men. This may come as a surprise considering she is the youngest. This is very much against her parents’ beliefs. They want their daughters to stay pure and celibate. After Carlos finds love letters exchanged between Sofía and her boyfriend, Sofía runs away to be with the man of her dreams. This causes Sofía’s relationship with her father to significantly weaken. Sofía engages in premarital sex and becomes pregnant with a child.
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She is always thought of as the cooler and more rebellious daughter. She shows this to her sisters by smoking marijuana. The time period that the García family is living in America is one of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” Sofía quite literally takes advantage of what America has to offer. When Sofía’s mother discovers her stash of pot, she is very unhappy. Unlike other typical teenagers, Sofía takes responsibility for her actions. This proves that she intentionally makes the choice to smoke marijuana, and does not feel incredibly guilty about it. It also shows that she is strong and
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