Analysis Of The Tracks Of My Tears

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Popular singer Elton John once said; “music has healing power; it has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours”, and for most, music is the portal to an out of body experience. African American lyricists especially have been found to use the art of music to escape the real world, commencing from the slavery era and onward. The blues song titled The Tracks of My Tears does just that; expresses the ability to remove your soul from a treacherous reality. Similarly, the lyrics from popular modern songs, written by black artists, speak volumes about what is presently going on in the country, parallel to the way African American slavery songs did. Music written at an earlier period have been found to correlate to music of the past through providing strong emotion toward present day commentary. The Tracks of My Tears is a blues song that tells a tale of heartache through the breakup between a man and his girlfriend; following the conflicting ability to hide the pain of loss through a fake smile. This song was written and performed by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles in 1965. The lyrics explain that since his girlfriend left, he looks to other females to fill an empty void, although he believes she is “the permanent one”. Out of fear that his girl may find out she is truly missed, the lyricist says “my smile is my makeup I wear since my break-up with you”. The true emotion of sorrow is hidden while attempting to remove himself from the harshness of reality for a

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