Analysis Of Timothy Beatley, And Heather Boyer Essay

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This book is written by Peter Newman, while Timothy Beatley, and heather Boyer were the coauthors. Together they examined the idea of a resilient city in 2009. The book defined resilient as lasting, making it through a crisis, something that requires inner strength and resolve, and having strong physical infrastructure and built environment. The book later states that the main roadblock in the way of resilience is fear, and throughout the book they give many examples where fear lead to a cities downfall. They also suggest that because of our resources depleting rapidly we should really be acting now in order to make a change in order to save what is left of them. The main objective of this book is to educate us on how we can make our cities more resilient to this ever growing threat. The book starts by giving us(the readers) a vision for a resilient city, but what the authors were really trying to convey is that they are trying to reduce oil dependency, which will save this resource. They say reduction of oil dependency is a necessity, they state that it will reduce impacts on the environment, and will reduce impact on human health which will lead to reduced impacts on human health and will lead to greater economic gain because they will depend on other sources of income rather than just oil. This will make the cities more economically stable because they can get their money elsewhere if the cities would stop depending on oil to bring in the cash flow.

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