Analysis Of Toni Morrison 's Beloved

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Throughout American history there have been multiple instances of inequality between races, classes, and genders. Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved is a story that truly shows how oppressive slavery was during the setting of the book. Similarly to the inequality faced during the time of slavery, while Morrison was writing the her novel the issue of women’s equality was present, and being fought for. Morrison, through Beloved, is able to show the world her views on inequality, and how it is still present in life today. Morrison is African American, she was born into a family of four children with a hard-working father. He was primarily a welder, but also did other things to provide for the family. She credits her parents for founding her love of reading and music. She lived in an integrated neighborhood, but did not become aware of segregation until she was older. When she was in first grade she was the only black child in her class, and she was also the only one who couldn’t read, but no one then thought less of her for this. Morrison kept pursuing her education, but she got married to a man who she later was separated from, and he moved back to Jamaica. She was a single mother, which is just like Sethe. Morrison takes care of her kids without much male influence which is a big deal during 1980. Prior to beginning her Beloved, Morrison decided to leave her job. She was free of her obligations for the first time after doing this. “I was happy, free in a way I had never been,
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