Analysis Of Truman Capote 's Novel ' The Cold Blood Genre '

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Name: Amy Nguyen Date: 9/30/15 Period: 5
Book Title: In Cold Blood Genre: Nonfiction novel (Crime)
Author: Truman Capote Number of pages: 343

Brief Summary and “Arrangement” of the Book:
• This book was arranged in some scenes within four chapters. As you read the book, you see that it is formatted similar to a movie or a documentary. Similar to a crime documentary, where we already knew who committed the early in the book, but as the book goes on we find out what their motives and when went through to commit the crime.

• The first scene, “The Last to See Them Alive,” we are introduced to the Clutter’s, a family that is highly respected and well known by the neighbors. Nearly everyone in the household is very educated with
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They continue to commit crimes on their journey by using fake checks to purchase items and killing the driver who allowed them to hitchhike.
• Albert (the lead investigator in the Clutter case) becomes obsessed with the Clutters. He felt haunted by the Cutter’s and believe it was up to him to find the killer. His wife also being haunted by Mrs. Cutter after she saw the pictures of the crime scene.

• In the third chapter, “Answers,” the motive was revealed it is robbery. An employee states that he talk to Dick about the family and said they may have a safe at home due to Herbert’s business.
• As the evidence does not point towards Dick, the motive is still unclear. The two men decide to return to near the crime scene, since it is the place where they can easily scam people for money. The two got arrested since they were driving in a stolen car; Albert was notified and investigated them.
• The two men convince that they were arrested for writing bad checks; they were not as worried. In the investigation rather than being asked about the men’s crime; they were asked about their life and later asked about when the Clutter’s dies.
• The two calmly answered with a story they both created together, but later both man admitted to the murder. The crime was described in detail where Perry was the one to kill Mr. Clutter.

• In the last chapter, “The Corner,” both men are getting ready for trail and
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