Factors Of An Authoritarian Government In The Movie V For Vendetta

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“People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.” In an authoritarian government, the citizens listen to their director because they have this fear within them, that if they do not do what is asked of them they will face consequences. But in reality, the citizens have power over the government and the government is the one that is living in fear. At any moment someone can threaten the government. This has been seen through terrorist acts such as 9/11 terror attacks, and this has been demonstrated in the movie V For Vendetta. In the movie V For Vendetta, V attempts to bring freedom and justice into a society that has been corrupt from having an authoritarian government. He threatens the government and tells them a year in advance that he will blow up the most important building in their city, but the government was not able to stop him. V wanted the city of London, England to have freedom and rights, free press, and to no longer have to live in fake fear, all three which are factors of an authoritarian government. In V For Vendetta, it is displayed that the citizens have no rights and freedoms, the media is controlled by the government, and that the government creates fear. The citizens or as called in an authoritarian government “subjects” of London do not have any rights. They must follow the rules of the government, and if they do not there will be a corollary. Gordon Deitrich was a homosexual man that practiced the Muslim
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