Analysis Of Van Gogh And Ravel

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At first I wasn 't sure how the stories of Van Gogh and Ravel 's stories applied to leadership in any way. But when I thought about it more they were leaders in their respective fields. With they they inspired and motivated countless individuals to pursue and emulate their work. And that is a leader by example if I have ever heard of one. Vincent Van Gogh 's ability to see turbulence in his paintings is quite remarkable. Not only how realistically he typed this to what really happens in physics, but also how ahead of the times he was. While his work is considerer post impressionist, I would consider some of his pieces proto-abtractism. I had the fortune of visiting the Van Gogh museum when I lived in Germany and took a trip to Amsterdam. The way his mind worked helped change the art world. As for him painting turbulence exactly the way it is, there may be several explanations. The first of which is, his mental illness let him perceive the world in that way. Another is that he jst used what he knew about the world in his paintings. People before the 20th and 21st century were much more in tune with nature, and while turbulence isn 't observable it still works the same on various scales. While light is different than wind and water they all still behave as waves, granting an insight into how Van goh might of comprehend the movement of light in his paintings. There is also other explanations like how holographic theory says the universe is actually 2d we just perversive it

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