Analysis Of Victor 's ' The ' Of A Demon Hunter '

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Victor Vran is a demon infested isometric shooter taking place during the Victorian period. The protagonist is Victor Vran a demon hunter located in the city of Zagoravia. As the demon infestation gets worse our demon hunters grow thin. Victor, while unclear of his motives, makes it clear that he needs to help the city. Unfortunately, Victor is harassed by a voice in his head that has ulterior motives. Victor Vans ' story is satisfying to say the least. I 'd consider it novel. The plot unfolds well with fantastic writing, character development, and composition. The city of Zagarovia provides us as a safe haven for trade while a world map offers us the ability to jump to and from locations. The game offered an excellent tutorial to teach the player the controls - I enjoy a game that can mask the tutorial with a great story. For example, Victor Vran enters the Fallen Keep on his way to Castle Zagore and runs into what seems like a deteriorated guards training room; they use this opportunity to refine the relationship between Victor and the voice in his head. You can also see the games sense of humor parallel to the "how-to 's". The gameplay is tightly knitted to mesh well with any play style. It also offers a nice variety of unconventional weapons, Scythes, shotguns, and swords decorated with interesting names all with variable stats. Each weapon has one attack and two special attacks while having the ability to possess one demon attack that you can find and equip throughout
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