Analysis Of Who's Messing With Your Mind By Myisha Cherry

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Do you dare admitting denial of manipulation? In the article of “Who’s Messing with Your Mind” by Myisha Cherry, explain the various way of manipulation. When reviewing multiple theory Myisha said, “While psychologist analyze behavior; I am interested in the nature and moral status of attitudes, disposition, and emotions such as compassion anger, forgiveness, and manipulation.” This brought new height in to understand the mind of a manipulator; the author also analyzed famous television show orange is the new back to help viewer define manipulation with great success. This valuables information proceed focus attention on select individuals uncovering multiple-tiers of understand manipulation, listing skill features, and protecting yourself. (Myisha,
In many scenario, manipulation often are consider harmful and deceiving to the human mind. It has been demonstration as a bad moral in human nature. An abutments individual suffer financial, personality influence and in result of an unhealthy health concern. Many have argue the intent of manipulation of destroying personalities by persuasive thought believing
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Although manipulation is morally wrong, it also good to have a better perceptional view of the other side of manipulation. It is said to be an art benefiting yourself not to view only one side but both side together. In modern societies today’s, we should always be prepare at least have a minimal set of knowledge, literacy is one of them; by understand and implanted to us as a induvial we can also acquire skills. Just like many other theories oneself should have high self-esteem, positive attitude and standard; they can evaluate and assess the situation to one own benefit. We should not let other make decision for us because that only going to be own downfall. We should careful examines ourselves so we know better because a person life has too have value in order to be glad to be
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