Analysis Of World War II

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World War II was one of the most widespread and deadliest battles fought. It left 291,557 United States soldiers dead and 670,846 soldiers wounded throughout a period of six years. It took a huge physiological toll on the soldiers, families, and even the people throughout the world. Many families had to live with disabled veterans due to many factors, a major one being depression and not being able to leave the house out of fear of another devastating event. Many families were robbed of someone very important to their life, while others were left feeling robbed because the person they once knew was not the same anymore. Many were depressed, sad, and scared. I thank every single soldier who fought to protect our country. In the future, I…show more content…
He was severely burned and lost his right hand at his wrist and his left arm at his shoulder. Robert says that facing his physical challenges was the easy part, but fighting the psychological challenges was the hardest part. He was forced to do his every day activities in a new way, but he was still living with the mental fact that he did not all have all of his body parts. Roberto and his family suffered greatly, but he said he never gave up because there was a purpose to his life and he continually had hope. I would love to be able to work with veterans, like Mr. Barrera, and help them to realize that even though they have gone through something very traumatic, there is still hope for their future. I want to make their experience with going through physical therapy an enjoyable one. It is going to be hard work to do the therapy itself, but I want them to know there is a purpose for their life that they need to fight for, just like Roberto said.

Personally, I know that I cannot change the minds of any veteran that has gone through such a traumatic and life changing experience, but in the future I do hope that I can, at the very least, be able to help veterans and give them hope and to let them

know that are not fighting their battle alone. I want to give them the best chance they can have to feel like themselves again

My hope for the future is that the people in
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