Analysis Of Zeitgeist : Addendum

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Zeitgeist: Addendum is a very controversial film that sheds some light on many major political and economic events that have occurred within the past 100 years. It discusses these events in a way that makes one think about all the intricacies and not just the big picture that the media feeds to the public. It’s creator, Peter Joseph has been dubbed a conspiracy theorist because of his films. Addendum dives into the realm of all the ins and outs of the monetary system of government that developed countries revolve around (Joseph, 2008). Along with exposing these ideas of thought, Joseph gives clarity to many major catastrophic past events, and how they all relate to the American monetary system. The beginning of the film describes the complex system that the US government uses to create money, working with the Federal Reserve to print more and more money without valuation to it, and as they print more currency, each dollar becomes devalued (Joseph, 2008). Joseph states that with the current system, there is no way to have money without having debt, and without money we wouldn’t have debt, essentially a paradox not having one without the other. The dilemma with this is that although someone may have $100 in their pocket, that money isn’t worth anything because the Federal Reserve and the US Government are constantly printing more and more money, devaluing each dollar bill more by the second. Another dilemma described in the film is many of the political and military
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