Analysis Of Zitkala Se By Gertrude Bonnin

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Gertrude Bonnin in “Zitkala-se” reveal the changes Native American Indians experience after returning home from American-Indian Boarding schools. The following paper argues that Gertrude Bonnin’s writing aim to enlighten the white supremacy by illustrating the backlash faced by students after they have received the highly-praised Euro-American education. The author targets the white population because they are not aware of the “white” education’s negative consequences faced by the cultured Native Indians, especially the children. Bonnin focus on how the newly acquired Euro-American education stole the classic traditions of Native Indians away from them, by forcing the Indians to adopt the “white” way and abandon their own roots. In Zitkala-se, Bonnin illustrates how the native Sioux changed the way they dressed, and lived to reflect the white ways, because of the Euro-American education received by them. In “Zitkala-se” Bonnin reveals that when children come back home from school with their newly acquired Euro-American education, they pass it on to their families, who themselves start to adopt to white ways, while slowly abandoning their own roots. For instance, in her autobiography, Bonnin writes that, Within the last two seasons my big brother Dawée had returned from a three years' education in the East, and his coming back influenced my mother to take a farther step from her native way of living. First it was a change from the buffalo skin to the white man's canvas that

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