Analysis : Solomon R. Guggenheim

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Solomon R. Guggenheim desired a place to hold his four year old museum of Non-Objective Paintings. He enlisted Frank Lloyd Wright to artistically create a unique dwelling place for his preciously prized work. Wright didn’t agree with Guggenheim’s vision for the desired city location. Guggenheim won the battle and began to purchase appropriate land plots on Fifth Avenue to ensure the best natural light source and perfect city backdrop for his art museum. It took 16 years (1943-1959) for the design and complete construction of the NY Guggenheim Museum. The museum holds rotating and permeant collections within its spiraling walls. DETAILS: NY GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM The Guggenheim Museum was purposefully planned and sympathetically carried out. It was a new construction which was designed to house Non- Objective artwork from Solomon R. Guggenheim himself. When approaching the building you’re immediately drawn to its wide, oval shaped base which is the foundation for the vertical, spiraling, eight-story tower. The museum was designed to have an inverted ziggurat effect and due to this, if your eye is keen enough you’ll see the grid pattern the entire space forms. You’re pleasantly overwhelmed before darkening the entrance of this curvaceous and very circular museum. In my research, there is nothing subtle about this bold and dramatically designed museum. Even though the museum is considered modern, it is said the museum embraces nature and adds to the multi-level skyline of the NY
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