Analysis: The Return Of The Soldier

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Précis #2 West, Rebecca. The Return of the Soldier What role does the War play in The Return of the Soldier? The role of the Great War described the major turning point in the change on how we as a society deal with such a pivotal changing point in history, the part of the far-reaching change of the lives of all people that were touched by it. 1 b: First supporting sentence. This novella focuses on the psychological difficulties that were entrenched on all who lived through out the Great War. 1 c: Second supporting sentence. Additionally, it represents some of the social functions that had change since the commencement of the war. 1 d: [optional] Third supporting sentence. Likewise, it showing how the war affected the economic condition of the lives of those people. 2. Second Paragraph psychological Two or three main points that elaborate and provide evidence to support sentence 1b. • For on the war-films I have seen men slip down as softly …show more content…

I do feel that the church has lost its grip on the masses [18] • Throughout the novella West brings the suffering of the war on all classes that are written in the book. The suffering that kitty endured with the Margret being the only real help that was affective for Chris; and Jenny suffering in silence why she realizes that there is nothing she is able to do to bring back Chris’s memory 4. Fourth Paragraph [optional] economic Two or three main points that elaborate and provide evidence to support sentence 1d. 5. Fifth Paragraph Conclusion: Two or three sentences. Restate thesis and sum up evidence. To conclude the Great War that West writes about in The Return of the Soldier was that it has changed the lives of all it touched, whether psychologically, socially or

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