Analysis and Summary of Lost and Found Essay

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Lost and Found A normal life of a teenage girl in high school named Darcy. She lives in a small apartment with only her sister named Jamee, her mother named Mattie, and her grandma that is on stroke. Darcy was a sophomore in highschool that only had her one friend named Brisana. They were always straight A students and would usually characterize other “low-lives” on a scale from 1 - 10. The only problem is that her sister Jamee was having trouble in school and was always in trouble. Jamee was an 8th grader and was found hanging out with bad people who are laid back in highschool with their driver’s license. Jamee used to be a good child until her father left them for another …show more content…

Suddenly, a silver toyota came by their apartment at night, the car that has been following Darcy for a couple of times is now at her house. She calls the cops and finds out that the person inside that car is her father that has been gone for 5 years. Darcy tells the cops to tell her father to go away. He does but leaves behind a phone number just incase anything happens. Next day, Darcy met up with Hakeem Randell at lunch and decided to hang out. Darcy was grateful from how she had a crush on Hakeem for a long time now. So, They went to a concert a day after that and had fun. But while that was happening, Jamee was ready to run away from her home because of how she had many bad things piling up on her feelings and had to run away from it. Darcy and her mom find this out and called all of Jamee’s friends and people who are connected to her. They said that nothing wrong was with Jamee and that she wasn’t suspicious at all. Darcy decided to call Cooper and the others to look for Jamee. They decide to go to a place where most people go when they run away from home called the “Canyon”. They go there but sadly, they don’t find her there. But they found out that Darcy’s father was called by the cops and was informed about this run-away. They all go home and go to sleep so that they can try finding Jamee the next day. Suddenly, at night, Darcy’s grandma talked

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