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Summary ; The summary of the plot of the story is there is a girl named Melanie who is working on a thoroughbred farm with horses ‘colts ‘. She has her ex boyfriend Kevin who has offered to help her out with training them . Although she has her boyfriend Jazz who is working pretty far away . Melanie starts catching some old feelings for her ex Kevin . Things start coming back as they work more and more together with these horses .

Tell the story ; This story starts with Melanie starting her job working on the farm with the thoroughbred colt and …show more content…

This is also about their life and how it is working with the horses . The hardships they go threw with the boys and the choices they have to make . Even the heartbreaks they have to deal with between the people they love and who they have more feelings for . But the main thing about this story is the choices Melanie has to make between Kevin the boy she had dated in high school and Jazz Melanie’s boyfriend now who is in Flordia working .

setting ;

The setting of this story is on a thoroughbred farm with Melanie’s aunt and uncle . Horses starting to train for the horse olympics to earn money to save the thoroughbred farm from going bankupty . I think this story takes place in the 1900’s because they live on a farm and are raising horses ‘colts’ training for the races . I also think this story takes place in texas or kentucky because they are main places where there is all land and it is wide open spaces to have a fam or a ranch to raise animals and have races .

Why i chose this ;

I chose this story because it seemed very interesting . It had also taught a very good lesson about life and boys . It tells about the choices teens like me might have to

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