Essay about Analysis of Article Stop Blamming Videogames

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An argumentative essay titled “Stop Blaming Videogames”, from an online source argues that violent video games do not increase aggression in adolescents. The author also insists that gaming is a solitary activity and encourages social interaction by bonding online friendships. This raises many controversies over whether or not gaming should be regulated for minors.

The author defends main rising arguments feuding over the fact that parents are complaining videogames are just too violent. For one to say that video games are violent one would have to conclude this from a period of evaluation on how people interact and use this technology. In contrast to parents gamers in general such as Master Chief have had a lot of positive comments to say about games on blogs such as this forum on Gamespot. They believe that video games can aid kids in learning how to overcome obstacles, encourage teambuilding skills through social interaction, and prevent kids from using drugs. In reality this thought process is misdirected. Video games actually promote bad habits, and should in fact be regulated to minors.

The author enjoys gaming so much and this is why I am provoked to disagree with this argument in his bias thoughts. The argument is bias because along with the entire forum of pro gamers he is in favor of gaming and wants to defend its name. This Gamer is not really being reasonable. He is using his emotions to influence his opinion on the argument instead of using his reasoning…