Essay about Analysis of Chipotle´s Back to the Start: The Savior

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Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” advertisement captures the sentiments of the audience by depicting Chipotle’s competitors’ practices as unethical. In both “Back to the Start” and the “Scarecrow” advertisements, Chipotle attempts to align itself with society’s growing belief that humane agriculture is better. Chipotle’s advertisements present their practices to be ethical, which sets its products apart from its competition. However, Chipotle’s message employs the same sentimental appeals and logical fallacies that are effective in their competitors’ advertisements.

The “Back to the Start” advertisement depicts the life of a farmer as he converts his farm into an industrialized animal factory. The scene opens in darkness and transitions to …show more content…

Such signs do not signify hamburgers. Rather, they are displayed in order to prompt in the child's mind an automatic association of fantasy, fun, and McDonald's.

In recent advertisements, Chipotle emulates the Ronald McDonald Campaign, by the appearance of the characters and scenery as something from a children’s book. This sentimental appeal seeks to connect the audience to their childhood, recalling a time in which all was right with the world. Specifically in Chipotle’s “Scarecrow” advertisement, Chipotle associates a children’s character with their product.

The scarecrow works at an industrialized farming enterprise under the control of mechanized crows. In modern society, the scarecrow is perceived as a guardian defending the garden against crows. Though now the crows, the destroyers of food, are in charge of food production. While the scarecrows, the protectors of food, are widgets in its unnatural production. The crows are robot-drones with flaming radioactive eyes, symbolizing corrupt food corporations. The crow pecks and squawks at the scarecrow ordering him to work in the factory.

The scarecrow and the farmer are two distinguished American images. In “Back to the Start”, Chipotle associates the farmer with the American dream, in that we are all independent and capable of achieving success through hard work. Furthering this patriotic association, the farmer’s family portrays the standard American family and there is a tire swing in the background. The

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