Analysis of Derek Thompson’s Essay, “How Headphones Changed the World

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Headphones are a necessity for many people in today’s society. Headphones allow a person to listen to music without disturbing others; therefore people are listening to music all day while they eat, sleep, or work. In Derek Thompson’s essay, “How Headphones Changed the World”, Thompson addresses the problem of why workers use headphones even if studies have shown that it interferes with their productivity levels. Thompson effectively uses precise language and organizes his essay in a way that shows a breakdown of his thoughts on this topic. These two elements make the essay easy to understand, which enhances the audience’s reading experience.

To begin with, Derek Thompson uses precise language in his essay which allows for his essay to be easily understood by the general public. First off, Thompson only addresses what is needed for the readers to obtain a good level of understanding about the topic. One can argue that “headphones have the capacity to make our music like our thoughts. Something that nobody else can hear. Something we can choose to share” (Thompson 3). By reading that quote, the general public is able to clearly understand that headphones can make music like our thoughts, and 2 specific reasons why. There is no further explanation or additional examples, because it is simply not necessary. There is not too little, or too much information and therefore allows for readers to understand the Thompson’s ideas clearer. Secondly, he makes his sentences precise. His

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