Essay on Analysis of Erik Petersen

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I. Background:
a. Petersen is general manager of Green Mountain Cellular Telephone (GMCT) which is one of 12 cell sites operated by Cellucom (GMCT is 1 of 3 still in construction)
b. GMCT is a pre-operating system, that will serve 400,000 people and operate 21 cell sites; 16 sites were anticipated to be ready by the turn-on date and five others in the eight months following
c. GMCT is one month behind target because of numerous problems, the revised turn-on-date is April 1 (from Feb. 1) and Petersen is scheduled to meet with Knight in two weeks to discuss various problems that have led to delays
d. NOTE: Petersen was initially informed by Jenkins that he would be reporting directly to him, however …show more content…

Andrews was technically savvy but lacked the administrative ability of the prior knowledge needed to start up a brand new operation – this largely impacted Petersen's ability to do his job because he knew little about the field and needed someone to rely on
2. Petersen was constantly trying to manager Andrew's conflicts with other team members (see below) iv. Petersen vs. Green & Cantor
1. Criticized their respective ideas and work, leading to disfavorable relationships between Petersen and them
v. Andrews vs. Todd Jones (supervisor of radio engineering department)
1. Had several conflicts over the selection and specification of antenna equipment vi. Andrews vs. Melissa Miczek (Petersen's secretary)
1. Curt and Melissa argued over errors in reports prepared by Curt and typed by Melissa; each blaming the other
2. Curt was a self-proclaimed "male-chauvinist", who hated having his errors pointed out by a woman vii. Andrews vs. Trevor Burns (manager of customer service)
1. Trevor was constantly throwing out ideas and suggestions, some impractical others useful, however the flow of criticism aggravated Andrews
2. Increased animosity between the two as the customer service function became more important closer to the turn-on date. They disagreed about the type of trucks installers would get; Petersen eventually made an executive decision.
viii. Hardy vs. Ric Jenkins
1. Hardy was somewhat insecure of his standing with

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