Analysis of Hawthrone´s The Mminister´s Black Veil Essay

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“He has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his face…” We take a trip back to the lovely Puritan era to understand the content matter of Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil. In this tale, Reverend Hooper, a young, unassuming, and unremarkable minister in everyway, suddenly dons a black veil, to the shock and mystery of the small town he preaches in. He becomes a pariah with his insistence to remove it, and loses his following and even his fiancee. He insists even on his deathbed to keep the veil into the grave. The big, unsolved mystery, however—that remains unsolveable for both the reader and the townspeople—is why the veil? Hawthorne leaves this open to interpretation, but in his typical fashion, leaves a …show more content…

“There is an hour to comewhen all of us shall cast aside our veils,” the reverend said, but maybe the townspeople werent ready to give up their perfect visages just yet. The people of Milford not wanting to admit their lies under THEIR veils might have just made them squirm a little bit more. (And if you feel like squirming a little more too, try listening to it. I’m a big purveyor of audiobooks and if you listen to this one, it sounds like Goosebumps from your childhood). That also explains some of the finger pointing from the most suspicious (and superstitious) of the townspeople. While most chattered rumors in private, some searched to find sinister explanations for the minister’s sudden change in appearance. Surprisingly, witchcraft didn’t really come up. While the minister was overseeing a funeral, one woman swore she saw the corpse shudder when the ministers face was able to be ‘seen’ by it under his veil. There was even a theory that someone saw the spirit of the minister and the spirit of the aforementioned dead girl walking hand in hand. Sounds pretty dark, and also sounds like they were trying to cast doubt on the minister. That might even make his message (of secret sin) not have so much credence. Sounds like those sneaky

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