Analysis of Masters of War, by Bob Dylan Essay

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The 1960’s was a time of war and fear for the United States and many people were turning their accusations towards the government. “Masters of War” was written by Bob Dylan in late 1962 and early 1963. The focus of this song is a protest against the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis that was happening during the early 1960’s. The song is protesting on the American government having its citizens live in fear of a constant attack and hiding behind their shroud, unaffected by anything that would happen to the people. It shook the nation with its fierce and angry tone against the “military industrial complex.” Dylan’s lyrics stated that it was not contained by declaring a pointless war and not taking responsibility for the problems it was …show more content…
The 1960’s was one of the largest uninterrupted economic growths in United States history. Most of this stemmed around President John F. Kennedy promising to get America involved again. In the 1960’s the US: increased minimum wage, passed a recovery package, and put men on the moon (Harris 12). The 1960’s was a time of economic explosion. New technologies were arising, and, because of the conflicts with the Soviets many industries went back into the war-like economy. However, due to the industrialization of the country because of the “Space Race” many businesses exploded. Moreover, in the decade the Vietnam War increased the economy by a greater factor because of the now almost double war manufacturing.
The 1960’s was also a major time in which social classes were at war with one another. The young and the old were large factors in this time period. In this time period the battle for Civil Rights fought as well. During this time period East and West Germany separated with the construction of the Berlin Wall (Harris 8-9). Mainly in this time period was the mass spread of culture. The 1960’s are said to be the decade that is defined by the artists and opinions that made up the decade (Miller 1). Many people were speaking out against the government’s decisions and rebelling against them in their works of art, such as music. Additionally, in this time period the Civil Rights movement took place and the races

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