Analysis of Robin Hood Case

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Analysis of Robin Hood Case In this case, we regard the band of Merry Men as an organization, so people in the band can be seen as the employees in this organization, and the High Sheriff of Nottingham is the biggest competitor of Merry Men. We mainly find three problems associated with the situation about which Robin Hood concerns: human resource management, financial strain and competitor’s threat, and for each problem we offer our solutions. Firstly, at the beginning of the establishment of the organization, it is Robin and his three lieutenants that take control of the whole organization, which can be seen as using the centralized model. However, as the increasing size of the organization, the centralized model is not fit…show more content…
Although we think both increasing gaining and decreasing spending are important ways for an organization to solve financial problem, based on this case we prefer to choose the first solution because it is the time that Merry Men needs more people to join it, because even though the method of decreasing spending can encourage people to work hard for the organization, stopping offering food to the poor will decrease the morale and make them feel disappointed about the organization. The poor people’s support is the strongest competitive advantage for Merry Men against Sheriff, once they have doubt on the organization’s mission of helping the poor, the unity will be broken. Hence, we think increasing the gaining is the better choice. Thirdly, if we view Sheriff and Robin as the two firms and the current environment as the market, we can find that Sheriff occupies the most of the market share now. The reason why Sheriff can occupy so much share of the market is that Sheriff has stronger supporters such as powerful friends at court and influence than Robin does. Thus, in order to defeat Sheriff and also improve his own organization, Robin must deal with the following problems. To begin with, Sheriff is Merry Men’s biggest competitor who has a powerful relationship and can use his political connections to obtain reinforcement. To defeat it, Robin should build the organization’s relationship as well. We suggest him to find more

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