Analysis of Various Photographs

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This paper provides an analysis of various photographs based on their categories, effectiveness, and historical movements. The three concepts of analysis are important when examining photographs, as they provide a strong basis for evaluation. The analytical process begins with category placements and end with contextual and historical movement evaluations as one considers the application of time, space, and the intended message of the six photographs. Photography goes beyond the automatic recordings produced by the picturing equipment; every picture symbolizes, represents, or means something. Each of the six photographs falls in at least one of the categories mentioned above. Aaron Siskend’s photograph falls under descriptive photographs and explanatory photographs. The photograph of Aaron Siskend can be considered as descriptive photograph because it shows a visual description of the sky. By giving an explanation of how cloudy the sky is, the photograph can be considered as an explanatory picture. The photograph can be used by scientists to explain the weather patterns by relying on the types of clouds represented on it. Bernd and Hilla Becher’s photograph can be categorized as a descriptive, explanatory, and interpretive photograph. In view of its descriptive nature, Bernd and Hilla Becher provide a portrayal of construction works going on at a particular place. The photograph is considered an explanatory piece of art as it shows the processes engineers go through to
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