Analysis of the Article 'The Flip Side of Internet Fame'

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CONTEMPORARY COMMUNICATIONS - THE NARCISSISM CONNECTION Introduction In her 2008 article, The Flip Side of Internet Fame, Jessica Bennett explores some of the problems created by the nature of the Internet in connection with the consequences of publicly-released information in the digital age. She details the account of a teenager whose life was affected very adversely by someone else's choice to post an embarrassing video of him without his permission. She also outlines some of the problems attributable to the fact that information posted online is not subject to any filter for accuracy, fairness, or appropriateness. Public posting forums allow the publication of defamatory statements about others with much fewer protections afforded by laws applicable to other types of injurious and untrue communications about others. The issues raised by Bennett illustrate that the Internet is still in its infancy in terms of how it is best-integrated into society and regulated by the same ethical, social, and legal principles as traditional forms of communications. It is likely that the solution lies, not in the evolution of regulations or in limitations on free speech; rather, the solution is likely to evolve naturally as subsequent generations develop a better and more nearly comprehensive understanding of how to integrate their offline and online identities in ways that maintain their privacy. Meanwhile, the deeper explanation of the contemporary digital communications

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