Band of Brothers in Black Hearts by Jim Frederick Essay

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“Of all the crimes that sullied the record of the United States military in Iraq…the murder of an entire Iraqi family in the village of Yusufiya may rank as the most chilling” (New York Times). On March 12, 2006, after a long and difficult deployment with countless casualties, four soldiers committed atrocities against the civilians who were trying to help. Their actions damaged the reputation of coalition forces and endangered the lives of our brothers in arms by providing propaganda to the enemy as a recruitment tool to impede our mission. 502nd Infantry 101st Airborne Division is a unit that is synonymous with valor, honor, brotherhood and bravery as depicted in the popular HBO series Band of Brothers in which Dick Winters leads his men …show more content…

It was in this environment that Kunk started belittling and micromanaging his company commanders and sowed the seeds of mistrust between the different companies and the headquarters unit. In defense of Kunk, the mission he received was going to be one of the most difficult missions during the Iraq war. Upon reaching their area of operations and conducting their battle hand-off, the problems already started to arise with Bravo Company. A majority of their leadership was wounded or killed in action, creating a power vacuum and a domino effect which were exacerbated by Kunk’s actions. Instead of providing support to his wounded company, Kunk belittled them and blamed them for the hardships that had befallen their comrades further driving a wedge of mistrust between Bravo Company and the head quarter’s element. Even with frequent changes in leadership, the casualties and problems continued to rise for Bravo Company, and living conditions for the soldiers reached deplorable levels. Being short-manned stretched the already limited resources causing personnel levels to be recklessly low for the various tasks the company received. This lack of men and lack of leadership cultivated the perfect environment for heinous criminals to act on their impulses. Company commanders complained, psychiatric evaluations were completed, recommendations were made that went unheeded and problems still

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