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The Science Fiction film “Ghost in the Shell” is a complex movie, which at times one may find it difficult to follow. This may be because before this film was created in 1995 there was a manga series that provided some essential background knowledge of what was going on and why. Watching the film could be like watching Pokémon movies without watching the series’. First, you would be confused as to why Ash, the main character has a particular interest in re-catching Pikachu. But like most movies you eventually start to get a feel as to what is going on. Ghost in the Shell takes place in a futuristic Hong Kong, where technology is so advanced that mankind is able to create a whole new species of humans known as cyborgs. Cyborgs are …show more content…

He was seeking asylum and had a peculiar interest in Major, leading him towards Section 9. Major was also very interested in the Puppet Master as she saw a mirrored self in him. She was so eager to connect with him for the opportunity to understand where she came from (they were both made by the same company). The Puppet Master’s Plan to receive asylum failed, so he convinced Major to merge with him as a form of reproduction. They were connected and emerged in to the same shall right before her own shell was destroyed by section 6. In the final scene Major was replaced in a little girl’s Body and found herself accepting this new identity of a merged Puppet Master and old Major.
This movie portrays cyborgs as both good for humanity and dangerously bad. Starting with the Puppet Master being a deadly threat to humans not just violently but also in other ways. His greater threat he presented was his highly advanced hacking skills. He had the ability to hack in to people’s ghosts, one of the hardest areas of the brain to reach. He was able to creat fake memories and erase the ones they originally had. This is more than a physical danger to humanity but a danger to the integrity of humanity as a whole. Imagine if the hacker decided to hack in to someone with extreme power, such as the president. The hacker would then be able to control the country to its violent end.

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