Analysis of the Movie Stanger in Good Company Directed by Cynthia Scott

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Name of the movie that I selected was “Stranger in Good Company”. This movie was directed by Cynthia Scott and it was released at May 03, 1991( This movie is 105 minutes long and audience for this movie is mostly adults. I chose this movie because it is a heartwarming, slow paced reflection on life, the strong human spirit, and the meaning of true friendship when it occurs between strangers. In addition to that, this movie that show us the true unity, love, and individuality. This movie is related to the aging because almost all the actors are seniors and they truly bring their life memory to the movie. This movie shows us many sociological imagination, life course and diachronic vision that most of the older people have. …show more content…

They share their past story with each other, emotion, and experience to survive and make the potential crisis into a magical time for them. At the end of the movie, those women vanished into the fog. The fog could stand for not only their closeness to death, but also for their cultural invisibility and separateness from society.
This movies is relates to aging many different ways. First of all, all the characters are old and the main point of the movie was to share their past life memories and experiences. They wanted to show others how older people feels inside truly. In one part of the movie, one characters, I believe Cissy, talks with others about her separation from her son and grandchildren and how she feels about it. This movie tried to point out many issues that old people are facing nowadays; that is the point shows this movie is related to aging. The film ultimately shows us that even in old age, people can learn, experience new things, enjoy friendships, and even find joy. Another thing this movie pointed out that we consider older people preferences may be gone or diminished from society, but they think of themselves as ongoing persons with much more to say and do. This is a great movie about diachronic vision. In case like that, very few of us would survive and willing to be work together. In the movie, all those old people showed us that we can outcome any issue if we work together. They showed us the interplay of human strengths and not to

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