Analysis of the Role-Play "Island Cruise" Essay

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I. Introduction
I chose to represent the major in the “Island Cruise”-role play. Taking part at that play made me realize that there are several aspects that you should keep in mind before attending a meeting, e.g. and amongst others “be prepared”, “listen”, “share common goals” and “keep your emotions out”.

II. Strategy

First of all and to be honest, I was not prepared for the first two role-plays we did, because I thought it would not be necessary as I thought I am skilled in arguing and therefore felt prepared enough to deal with any argument that would come my way. I was proved wrong and therefore glad not to be the one who had to participate at the first two role-plays because all the others had better arguments and knowledge …show more content…

That deprived me of the chance to start negotiations with something we both have in common or maybe just with a little small talk to find a way into a comfortable discussion.

IV. Evaluation of your own performance in the negotiation

It is quite hard to estimate one’s own performance but according to the audience’ feedback I can say that I obviously did a good job. As the captain started the discussion in a very rude way, I decided to let him talk as long as he got off his negative attitude and until he has said everything he wanted to get rid of. I did my best listening to his arguments and what he really wanted to say (and at the same time keeping the “why” in my mind). He wanted to make this deal as fast as possible, under his conditions and without the willingness to present any further options than his. It took me some time and slowly talking about our common goals to clam him down and made him realize that there are some alternatives for us that we should focus on. In the end we wrote down the results we both agreed on. I think it was helpful having used the terms “we” instead of “I” and that we tried to make the other party see the benefits of such an agreement.
What I still need to focus on is not be too honest and not to play all my cards at the beginning. Also trying not to use the denials like “I do not understand” but rather “help me understand this”. Further, not to make “all-or-nothing”-deals at all.

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