Analysis of the Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart Essay

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“The Twisted Tragedy Of Miss Natalie Stewart”

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The story “The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart” is about a 17 year old girl named Natalie Stewart leaving New York City with her 18 year old Jonathan boyfriend to go find answers. At the very beginning of the story it takes place on a train. Natalie and Jonathan are running away from the supernatural demons, spirits, and ghost that seems to follow them everywhere they go.
In the very beginning of the story Jonathan and Natalie are introduced as cousins. They were pretending to be cousins, so no one would suspect him as the kid who killed his family. Couple hours on the train and people began to recognize him. He noticed and switched from his english accent to a new york accent. He …show more content…

Which confused Natalie, she decided to brush it off as if it were a dream because she couldn't tell jonathan anyway. She began to feel that it was too real that that symbol had to have been there. It couldn't have been a dream so she waited until they were alone to tell him about the symbol.
Then when they returned to New York her father told her Jonathan does not have my permission to marry you until I know you my daughter will be completely safe with him. Jonathan had left to England to end running away from the law. As soon as he returned from England Ms.Northe had to go see her dying friend who would have more answers for them on what's going on, why this is happening, who's controlling this, and how to end this.
Then Natalie, Jonathan, and Rachel had left to go to the basement of Rachel's castle where Jonathan’s soul had once been trapped inside one of the portraits. they went to go find out why all this was happening because no one knew when ms.northe would be back. They got to the basement door that opens on its own, like something inside has been waiting for them. the further past the door the colder it got. While they were standing in the hall Jonathan said “he feels many presents in there” as Rachel signed that “I am not welcomed here”. At the moment she said that came a guard coming out of the room they were headed to. Mr.Smith punched him in

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