Analysis on Digital Media Participation: How Fans Interact Online

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Digital Media Participation: How Fans Interact Online is a short documentary about how fans show their support to their celebrity idols with the emergence of social media. Our group chose this topic because we notice how fans show their support by going to mall shows or by using certain hashtags on Twitter and make them trend worldwide. This documentary film aims to change the perspective people have on fans that they are cheap, desperate, and low class. With this interactivity and digitalization come a new form of community that sprouted from the computer-mediated communication (CMC) (McQuail 150-51), the virtual community. According to McQuail, this virtual community “can be formed by any number of individuals by way of the Internet at their own choice” (150) and “usually based on some common interest” (150). Fan clubs before are known to be supporters who would go to shows, guestings, and tapings of their idols but now fan clubs could also sprout online. Fans have used new media to interact with co-fans who have obviously have the same interests (their idol or idols). By then, a public sphere would emerge in the new media. What is interesting in the documentary is that some of the fans we interviewed are not really good at interacting personally but are able to make friends online because of the people who understand them and of what they call now as “feels” (a superlative form of having so much feelings towards someone or something). With mostly narrations about the

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