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Movies are a way that americas can find enjoyment, entainment, and sometime life lesson. Throught our my life I always loved Disney film and cartoons, on of my favorites that was released in 2010. The movie Tangled is a romantic family fun film, it is the story of Rapunzel or along the lines or the story.

It's the tale of the girl in the tower with the long, loooong hair. In this version, her hair has magical healing powers, gained from a flower that was brewed in a potion and given to her mother during childbirth to save her life. The powers transferred to the child - but then a wicked old woman (who had discovered and nurtured the flower until the king's men found it) stole the baby. Now the woman, Mother Gothel, uses the hair's
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Characters in movies add flare and theme to a film. As this movie Tangled, is set in the mix of a majestical forrest where the tower that Rapunzel has never left and then the castle to where Flynn takes her to meet her true parent.

Tangled is a animated comedy that used a various of designs and color shcemes. As the book states, color attracts attention, the director has several methods of keeping attention focused on the cetner of interest. Our eye is drawn to large objects, to the objects closest to the camera, to the objects in the sharpest focus, to movement and to close-ups. (Boogs & Petrie, 2008) When the use of bright or saturated colors on objects of greaest interest and placing that object against a contrasting background, the director can easily capture the viewer’s eye, in which Tangled is a great example of how directors Nathan Greno and Bryon Howard make the animation very innovating and suprising. Although the scene and character are some of the most important parts of the film, another important part is the musical score and the soundtrack. Some directors make use of the soundtrack and the musical score in unique and individual ways. Whereas one may simply match natural sounds to the corresponding action, another may consider sound almost as important as the image and use off-screen sound imaginatively to create a
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